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Pruning The Garden

PowerGear™ Bypass Loppers
Fiskars PowerGear™ Bypass Loppers
£40.49RRP £68.20
Solid™ Garden Saw FSK1028376
Fiskars Solid™ Garden Saw FSK1028376
£18.50RRP £27.26
SW84 Fixed Blade Saw FSK123840
Fiskars SW84 Fixed Blade Saw FSK123840
£41.21RRP £69.41
Bypass Loppers K/S70100401
Kent & Stowe Bypass Loppers K/S70100401
£25.23RRP £37.84
Telescopic Bypass Loppers K/S70100406
Kent & Stowe Telescopic Bypass Loppers K/S70100406
£29.11RRP £44.83
Pruning Saw K/S70100441
Kent & Stowe Pruning Saw K/S70100441
£16.18RRP £17.12
Turbo Folding Saw K/S70100446
Kent & Stowe Turbo Folding Saw K/S70100446
£14.59RRP £15.43
Professional Bypass Secateurs K/S70100461
Kent & Stowe Professional Bypass Secateurs K/S70100461
£20.59RRP £23.44
Rose 'Cut & Hold' Secateurs K/S70100466
Kent & Stowe Rose 'Cut & Hold' Secateurs K/S70100466
£21.89RRP £25.72
Topiary Shears
Kent & Stowe Topiary Shears
from £12.94
Telescopic Tree Pruner 3m K/S70100496
Kent & Stowe Telescopic Tree Pruner 3m K/S70100496
£44.28RRP £73.51
Perennial Hand Shears K/S70100500
Kent & Stowe Perennial Hand Shears K/S70100500
£16.18RRP £17.10
K-GP-1 Pruning Knife BAHKGP1
Bahco K-GP-1 Pruning Knife BAHKGP1
£25.92RRP £42.26
PG Bypass Ergonomic Secateurs
Bahco PG Bypass Ergonomic Secateurs
£30.05RRP £52.25