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Power Tool Accessories Wire & Nylon Brushes & Wheels

Wire Brush Shaft Mounted
Faithfull Wire Brush Shaft Mounted
from £7.71
DIY Cup Brush Nylon Wire
Lessmann DIY Cup Brush Nylon Wire
£19.29RRP £24.54
Knot End Brush with Shank
Lessmann Knot End Brush with Shank
from £24.30RRP £33.13
Wire End Brush
Faithfull Wire End Brush
from £3.90
Wire Cup Brush
Faithfull Wire Cup Brush
from £4.74
Wire Cup Brush Twist Knot
Faithfull Wire Cup Brush Twist Knot
from £13.53
Conical Knot Brush
Faithfull Conical Knot Brush
from £12.29
Wire Wheel
Faithfull Wire Wheel
from £17.26RRP £19.18
Wire Cup Brush
Faithfull Wire Cup Brush
from £7.20
Nylon Wheel Brush
Faithfull Nylon Wheel Brush
from £11.13
Cup Brush
Lessmann Cup Brush
from £14.78
DIY Cup Brush with Shank
Lessmann DIY Cup Brush with Shank
from £11.01
Cup Brush with Shank
Lessmann Cup Brush with Shank
from £18.31
End Brush with Shank
Lessmann End Brush with Shank
from £8.70
Conical Knot Brush
Lessmann Conical Knot Brush
from £19.54RRP £24.88
Knot Wheel Brush
Lessmann Knot Wheel Brush
from £24.43RRP £31.09
Pipeline Brush
Lessmann Pipeline Brush
from £36.92RRP £53.70
Knot Cup Brush
Lessmann Knot Cup Brush
from £19.15RRP £20.00
Threaded Tube Brush
Lessmann Threaded Tube Brush
from £15.98
Cylinder Brush
Lessmann Cylinder Brush
from £6.54
Wheel Brush
Lessmann Wheel Brush
from £21.65RRP £27.56
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