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Fiskars is the global home of design-driven brands for indoor and outdoor living, creating products that make everyday tasks more comfortable and efficient. Whether it's their iconic orange-handled Scissors or ergonomic Gardening Equipment, Fiskars products are known for their durability and user-friendly features. With a commitment to sustainability and user satisfaction, Fiskars continues to be a trusted choice for individuals seeking top-tier tools that stand the test of time.
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Xact™ Weed Puller 30mm Head FSK139950
Fiskars Xact™ Weed Puller 30mm Head FSK139950
now £38.95£43.98RRP £59.65
11% off
PowerGear™ Bypass Loppers
Fiskars PowerGear™ Bypass Loppers
£53.48RRP £80.58
SW84 Fixed Blade Saw FSK123840
Fiskars SW84 Fixed Blade Saw FSK123840
£47.18RRP £69.41
Solid™ Spade Pointed FSK131413
Fiskars Solid™ Spade Pointed FSK131413
£22.63RRP £28.51
Xact™ Soil Work Fork
Fiskars Xact™ Soil Work Fork
from £47.18RRP £71.90
Solid™ Hoe FSK135713
Fiskars Solid™ Hoe FSK135713
£21.41RRP £26.02
Solid™ Soil Rake FSK135715
Fiskars Solid™ Soil Rake FSK135715
£21.41RRP £26.02
Universal Garden Scissors
Fiskars Universal Garden Scissors
from £19.62RRP £26.02
XXS X5 Chopping Axe FSK1015617
Fiskars XXS X5 Chopping Axe FSK1015617
£34.72RRP £52.07
Solid™ Weed Puller FSK1026652
Fiskars Solid™ Weed Puller FSK1026652
£27.49RRP £43.39