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The Garden Axes & Splitting Wedges

FSC® American Hickory Hatchet
Roughneck FSC® American Hickory Hatchet
from £20.83RRP £32.40
Splitting Wedge Synthetic
Bahco Splitting Wedge Synthetic
from £25.39RRP £32.32
Log Splitting Maul Fibreglass Shaft
Faithfull Log Splitting Maul Fibreglass Shaft
£30.39RRP £52.00
Standard Hand Axe
Bahco Standard Hand Axe
from £20.81RRP £26.48
Camping Hatchet
Bahco Camping Hatchet
from £27.19RRP £38.08
Felling Axe Ash Handle
Bahco Felling Axe Ash Handle
from £30.83RRP £60.62
Hickory Shaft Log Split Maul
Faithfull Hickory Shaft Log Split Maul
£38.13RRP £67.78
Hickory Axe Handle
Faithfull Hickory Axe Handle
from £14.19
Splitting Wedge
Bahco Splitting Wedge
from £18.46RRP £23.51
Prestige Super Splitting Axe
Faithfull Prestige Super Splitting Axe
from £27.91RRP £47.77