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Hand Tools Sharpening Tools

Chisel Sharpening Kit ROU30190
Roughneck Chisel Sharpening Kit ROU30190
£19.62RRP £21.37
Honing Guide FAIHG
Faithfull Honing Guide FAIHG
£12.39RRP £13.49
B24 Bench Stone
India B24 Bench Stone
from £21.54RRP £23.29
Round Abrasive File
India Round Abrasive File
from £20.36RRP £22.00
Round Edge Slipstone
India Round Edge Slipstone
from £22.65
Rubbing Brick
Faithfull Rubbing Brick
£20.04RRP £28.04
Honing Guide  Stone & Oil Set of 3 MAR10507932
IRWIN® Marples® Honing Guide Stone & Oil Set of 3 MAR10507932
£22.44RRP £28.27
FAST TRACK™ MK2 Sharpener
Trend FAST TRACK™ MK2 Sharpener
from £95.89RRP £104.11
Diamond Steels
DMT Diamond Steels
from £62.51RRP £95.63
W6 Diamond Whetstone
DMT W6 Diamond Whetstone
from £70.18RRP £108.07
W8 Diamond Whetstone
DMT W8 Diamond Whetstone
£133.76RRP £219.35
Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone
DMT Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone
£144.91RRP £240.55
B8 Bench Stone
India B8 Bench Stone
from £43.39RRP £55.82