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A leading brand offering reliable Hand Tools trusted by professionals across various industries worldwide, Hultafors has earned its reputation through a steadfast commitment to quality, precision, and innovation.

From durable Spirit Levels to dependable measuring tapes and cutting-edge knives, its tools not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of its customers.
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VDE Pozidriv Screwdriver
Hultafors VDE Pozidriv Screwdriver
from £15.70
VDE TORX® Screwdriver
Hultafors VDE TORX® Screwdriver
from £14.57
VDE PlusMinus Screwdriver
Hultafors VDE PlusMinus Screwdriver
from £17.19
QCX Quick Clamp
Hultafors QCX Quick Clamp
from £32.46RRP £44.27
CFP Screw Clamp
Hultafors CFP Screw Clamp
from £38.53RRP £52.54
TS Curved Claw Hammer
Hultafors TS Curved Claw Hammer
from £29.36RRP £40.03
TC Curved Claw Hammer
Hultafors TC Curved Claw Hammer
from £44.26RRP £61.15
TR XL Straight Claw Hammer
Hultafors TR XL Straight Claw Hammer
from £48.60RRP £68.92
SPP W Snap-Off Knife
Hultafors SPP W Snap-Off Knife
from £15.22
SPP W Snap-Off Knife
Hultafors SPP W Snap-Off Knife
from £15.22
Screwdriver Set, 6 Piece HUL444425
Hultafors Screwdriver Set, 6 Piece HUL444425
£42.25RRP £58.38
HBX-22 Handsaw
Hultafors HBX-22 Handsaw
£35.01RRP £47.74
HMX-12 Hacksaw 300mm HUL591300
Hultafors HMX-12 Hacksaw 300mm HUL591300
£29.10RRP £39.68
HMS-12 Hacksaw 300mm HUL591310
Hultafors HMS-12 Hacksaw 300mm HUL591310
£23.33RRP £26.74
HMM-6 Hacksaw 150mm HUL591320
Hultafors HMM-6 Hacksaw 150mm HUL591320
£19.45RRP £22.27
B S Aluminium Pry Bar with Steel Point
Hultafors B S Aluminium Pry Bar with Steel Point
£164.05RRP £247.57
A SA Aluminium Pry Bar
Hultafors A SA Aluminium Pry Bar
from £202.43RRP £307.32
X7-S Stainless Steel Rule
Hultafors X7-S Stainless Steel Rule
from £10.20