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Access & Security Security Chains & Bike Locks

8KS Security Chain
ABUS Mechanical 8KS Security Chain
from £30.97RRP £47.69
10KS Security Chain
ABUS Mechanical 10KS Security Chain
from £52.87RRP £87.77
Cobra Loop Cable
ABUS Mechanical Cobra Loop Cable
from £18.91
Security Chain
ABUS Mechanical Security Chain
from £18.82RRP £26.34
Square Link Chain
BlueSpot Tools Square Link Chain
from £12.91RRP £15.20
CP Security Chains
Squire CP Security Chains
from £16.13RRP £17.93
Security Cable with Looped Ends
Squire Security Cable with Looped Ends
£19.08RRP £21.19
Square Section Hardened Chain
Squire Square Section Hardened Chain
from £17.57RRP £19.52
Hardened Steel Chains
Master Lock Hardened Steel Chains
from £20.09
Street Cuffs® Cycle Lock MLK8200E
Master Lock Street Cuffs® Cycle Lock MLK8200E
£79.64RRP £124.39
Combination Cable Lock CCL01
Sealey Tools Combination Cable Lock CCL01
£5.88RRP £7.14
Motorcycle Chain Lock 10mm x 1.5m CL9512
Sealey Tools Motorcycle Chain Lock 10mm x 1.5m CL9512
£24.50RRP £33.54
Claw Hammer 15oz - One-Piece CLHX15
Sealey Tools Claw Hammer 15oz - One-Piece CLHX15
£29.97RRP £41.94