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The Garden Watering Products

Viton® Seals Pack
Faithfull Viton® Seals Pack
£14.76RRP £16.39
Pressure Sprayer 5 litre FAISPRAY5
Faithfull Pressure Sprayer 5 litre FAISPRAY5
£20.93RRP £32.56
Sprinkler Hose
Hozelock Sprinkler Hose
£50.14RRP £80.04
Aquasolo Watering Cone
Hozelock Aquasolo Watering Cone
£23.64RRP £31.81
2764 Supply Hose 25m HOZ2764
Hozelock 2764 Supply Hose 25m HOZ2764
£30.95RRP £45.84
Flow Control Valve
Hozelock Flow Control Valve
Hozelock T-Piece
from £11.40
Straight Connector
Hozelock Straight Connector
from £11.40
Tube Stake
Hozelock Tube Stake
from £10.47