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The Garden Lawn & Hedge Care

P75 Edging Shears BAHP75
Bahco P75 Edging Shears BAHP75
£38.40RRP £66.79
Evergreen Edging Shears BUL7116
Bulldog Evergreen Edging Shears BUL7116
£35.72RRP £57.14
Premier Edging Shear BULB613W
Bulldog Premier Edging Shear BULB613W
£29.13RRP £47.23
Countryman Grass Hook FAICOUHOOK
Faithfull Countryman Grass Hook FAICOUHOOK
£20.06RRP £31.21
Countryman Turfing Iron FAICOUTURF
Faithfull Countryman Turfing Iron FAICOUTURF
£25.06RRP £38.98
Essentials Edging Iron FAIESSEIE
Faithfull Essentials Edging Iron FAIESSEIE
£18.22RRP £20.23
Solid™ Grass Shears FSK1026826
Fiskars Solid™ Grass Shears FSK1026826
£18.50RRP £27.26
Long Handled Lawn & Leaf Rake, FSC®
Kent & Stowe Long Handled Lawn & Leaf Rake, FSC®
from £24.62RRP £34.46
Telescopic Hedge Shears K/S70100421
Kent & Stowe Telescopic Hedge Shears K/S70100421
£30.50RRP £48.78
GS-180-E Grass Shear BAHGS180E
Bahco GS-180-E Grass Shear BAHGS180E
£26.49RRP £37.09
GS-76 Grass Shears BAHGS76
Bahco GS-76 Grass Shears BAHGS76
£21.39RRP £27.23
General Purpose Hedge Shears K/S70100426
Kent & Stowe General Purpose Hedge Shears K/S70100426
£18.03RRP £25.25
Edging Shears K/S70100431
Kent & Stowe Edging Shears K/S70100431
£27.60RRP £42.49
Lawn Shears K/S70100601
Kent & Stowe Lawn Shears K/S70100601
£31.56RRP £50.48
Expanding Leaf Rake K/S70408014
Kent & Stowe Expanding Leaf Rake K/S70408014
£16.18RRP £18.73