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The Garden

FSC® American Hickory Hatchet
Roughneck FSC® American Hickory Hatchet
from £20.83RRP £32.40
PowerGear™ Bypass Loppers
Fiskars PowerGear™ Bypass Loppers
£40.49RRP £68.20
Pressure Sprayer 5L SS2
Sealey Tools Pressure Sprayer 5L SS2
£27.39RRP £34.74
Broadcast Spreader 37kg Walk Behind SPB37W
Sealey Tools Broadcast Spreader 37kg Walk Behind SPB37W
£137.90RRP £239.94
Broadcast Spreader 57kg Walk Behind SPB57W
Sealey Tools Broadcast Spreader 57kg Walk Behind SPB57W
£262.04RRP £407.94
Viton® Seals Pack
Faithfull Viton® Seals Pack
£14.76RRP £16.39
Pressure Sprayer 5 litre FAISPRAY5
Faithfull Pressure Sprayer 5 litre FAISPRAY5
£20.93RRP £32.56
Wooden Hay Rake FAIWHR
Faithfull Wooden Hay Rake FAIWHR
£31.28RRP £55.60
Solid™ Hoe FSK135713
Fiskars Solid™ Hoe FSK135713
£17.66RRP £26.02
Border Spade, FSC®
Kent & Stowe Border Spade, FSC®
from £25.01RRP £37.51
Long Handled Dutch Hoe, FSC®
Kent & Stowe Long Handled Dutch Hoe, FSC®
from £19.27RRP £26.98
Hand Transplanting Trowel, FSC®
Kent & Stowe Hand Transplanting Trowel, FSC®
from £10.83
Hand Border Fork, FSC®
Kent & Stowe Hand Border Fork, FSC®
from £13.68