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Pruning The Garden Secateurs - Bypass

Rose 'Cut & Hold' Secateurs K/S70100466
Kent & Stowe Rose 'Cut & Hold' Secateurs K/S70100466
£22.33RRP £25.72
Topiary Shears
Kent & Stowe Topiary Shears
P121 Bypass Secateurs
Bahco P121 Bypass Secateurs
from £32.19RRP £43.91
P126 Bypass Secateurs
Bahco P126 Bypass Secateurs
from £27.49RRP £37.49
PX ERGO™ Secateurs
Bahco PX ERGO™ Secateurs
£55.94RRP £81.36
PXR ERGO™ Rotating Secateurs
Bahco PXR ERGO™ Rotating Secateurs
£85.63RRP £118.32
SureCut Perennial Snips K/S70100506
Kent & Stowe SureCut Perennial Snips K/S70100506
£19.30RRP £24.31
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