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Plane Iron
STANLEY® Plane Iron
No.778 Rebate Plane REC778
IRWIN® Record® No.778 Rebate Plane REC778
£135.48RRP £222.18
No.060 1/2 Block Plane REC06012
IRWIN® Record® No.060 1/2 Block Plane REC06012
£76.49RRP £117.79
No.09 1/2 Adjustable Block Plane REC0912
IRWIN® Record® No.09 1/2 Adjustable Block Plane REC0912
£76.49RRP £117.79
No.5 Jack Plane (2in) STA112005
STANLEY® No.5 Jack Plane (2in) STA112005
£81.01RRP £116.58
No.3 Finishing Plane FAIPLANE3
Faithfull No.3 Finishing Plane FAIPLANE3
£26.65RRP £37.31
No.778 Rebate Plane FAIPLANE778
Faithfull No.778 Rebate Plane FAIPLANE778
£56.50RRP £96.06
BP-40 Block Plane BAHBP40
Bahco BP-40 Block Plane BAHBP40
£52.94RRP £75.08
Set of 5 Mini Tools FAIMINISET5
Faithfull Set of 5 Mini Tools FAIMINISET5
£28.82RRP £46.12
No.10 Rebate Plane FAIPLANE10
Faithfull No.10 Rebate Plane FAIPLANE10
£46.35RRP £80.35
No.4 Smoothing Plane
Faithfull No.4 Smoothing Plane
from £28.17RRP £43.82
No.6 Fore Plane (2.3/8in) FAIPLANE6
Faithfull No.6 Fore Plane (2.3/8in) FAIPLANE6
£46.82RRP £81.14
No.60 1/2 Block Plane
Faithfull No.60 1/2 Block Plane
from £28.80RRP £44.81