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Hand Tools Builders Tools Bolsters, Cold Chisels & Scutch Chisels

Brick Bolster
Roughneck Brick Bolster
from £16.09RRP £17.52
Electrician's Flooring Chisel
Roughneck Electrician's Flooring Chisel
£17.14RRP £18.66
Gorilla Brick Bolster, Non-Slip Hand Guard
Roughneck Gorilla Brick Bolster, Non-Slip Hand Guard
from £17.19RRP £18.71
FatMax Brick Sets
STANLEY® FatMax Brick Sets
from £19.45RRP £22.91
Scutch Combs
Faithfull Scutch Combs
from £10.77
Scutch Comb Holder
Faithfull Scutch Comb Holder
from £13.18
578 Scutch Comb Holders
Footprint 578 Scutch Comb Holders
from £19.42
590 Cold Chisel
Footprint 590 Cold Chisel
from £12.81
Constant-Profile Flat Cold Chisel
Expert Constant-Profile Flat Cold Chisel
from £18.47RRP £20.10
Brick Bolster With Hand Guard
BlueSpot Tools Brick Bolster With Hand Guard
from £11.42
Punch Set 5 Piece FCM249GPB
Facom Punch Set 5 Piece FCM249GPB
£46.92RRP £77.05
Brick Bolster
Faithfull Brick Bolster
from £12.65
Cold Chisel
Faithfull Cold Chisel
from £6.84
112 Brick Bolsters
Footprint 112 Brick Bolsters
from £15.75