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Save when you buy!

We have a great range of products available with extra discounts, all you need to do is buy 3 items within the deal and you'll recieve a whopping 10% off!

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Chuck Keys
Rohm Chuck Keys
from £11.69
Cold Chisel
Roughneck Cold Chisel
from £12.44
9629 Series Flat Bit
Bahco 9629 Series Flat Bit
from £8.40
Slim Taper Saw Files
Crescent Nicholson® Slim Taper Saw Files
from £11.76
Copydex Adhesive
from £11.35
Easy Read Magnetic Pocket Tape
BlueSpot Tools Easy Read Magnetic Pocket Tape
from £14.52
Floor Scraper Blade
Faithfull Floor Scraper Blade
from £11.59
Round Second Cut Files Unhandled
Crescent Nicholson® Round Second Cut Files Unhandled
from £10.42
Wingspade Hose Clip
Jubilee® Wingspade Hose Clip
from £4.92
Satin Chrome Rule
Fisher Satin Chrome Rule
from £15.96