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Auto & Electrical Industrial Cabinets Cupboards and Cabinets

Airbag Cabinet AP95
Sealey Tools Airbag Cabinet AP95
£340.89RRP £395.94
Industrial Cabinet 5 Drawer API9005
Sealey Tools Industrial Cabinet 5 Drawer API9005
£923.95RRP £1,079.94
Industrial Cabinet 7 Drawer API9007
Sealey Tools Industrial Cabinet 7 Drawer API9007
£1,027.72RRP £1,199.94
Floor Cabinet 4 Shelf 2 Door SC01
Sealey Tools Floor Cabinet 4 Shelf 2 Door SC01
£338.80RRP £539.94
Floor Stand for FSC04 FSC04ST
Sealey Tools Floor Stand for FSC04 FSC04ST
£207.48RRP £239.94
Floor Stand for FSC06 FSC06ST
Sealey Tools Floor Stand for FSC06 FSC06ST
£182.77RRP £215.94
Floor Stand for FSC15 FSC15ST
Sealey Tools Floor Stand for FSC15 FSC15ST
£207.48RRP £251.94
Modular Wall Cabinet 1360mm APMS68
Sealey Tools Modular Wall Cabinet 1360mm APMS68
£231.68RRP £287.94
Stand for FSC09 & FSC10 FSC11S
Sealey Tools Stand for FSC09 & FSC10 FSC11S
£52.14RRP £131.94
Trolley for FSC09 & FSC10 FSC11T
Sealey Tools Trolley for FSC09 & FSC10 FSC11T
£64.58RRP £143.94
Floor Stand for FSC17 FSC17ST
Sealey Tools Floor Stand for FSC17 FSC17ST
£212.37RRP £264.54
Floor Cabinet 2 Shelf 2 Door SC03
Sealey Tools Floor Cabinet 2 Shelf 2 Door SC03
£220.66RRP £347.94
Floor Stand for FSC05 FSC05ST
Sealey Tools Floor Stand for FSC05 FSC05ST
£212.37RRP £251.94
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